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Opener Selection Made Easy

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3 Main Types

Opener Selection Made EasyIt pays off to decide on which type of garage door opener will be right for you before you go shopping, as this will narrow down your search and speed up the process considerably. The chain drive units are known for being durable and reliable, but they are noisier than their counterparts. If quiet performance is at the top of your priority list, you should consider a belt drive opener. It works in the same way as the chain drive one, but the metal chain is replaced by a belt made from polyurethane, fiberglass or steel-reinforced rubber. The screw drive units have a rotating metal rod rather than a circulating chain or belt. They can open the door more quickly than their counterparts. Since they have fewer moving parts, they have a lower risk of failure.

Motor and Features

Now you can choose between an AC and DC motor. The former is the traditional option offering reliable performance and known for its fairly long useful life. A DC motor, on the other hand, offers smooth start and opening and closing and makes less noise while working. Remember that the motor must have sufficient power to lift the door. Valuable technologies to look for include rolling code, which improves security, and dual- or triple-frequency transmitter operation, which prevents interference. Most openers come with one or two single-button remotes. If you want to keep your clicker on a keychain to avoid loss, you can get a mini device optionally. A wireless keypad will enable you to open the door from the outside without a remote. 

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