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Keep your garage door working all year-round

In most cases, those garage doors are resistant to temperature fluctuations. However, a roll up garage becomes difficult to use during winter. Professionals at Garage Door Repair Camarillo will show you how to safely remove the ice that forms around your garage door.

Fix squeaky garage doors

A squeaky sound is caused by a poor lubrication. In that event, you should use either oil or Vaseline in order to lubricate those damaged garage door parts. Lubrication seems to be a pretty simple job and should be done on a monthly basis.

Inspect garage door hinges for wear and tear regularly

You need to look into the holes of the hinges which house the roller stems. They should be round. If they appear to be oblong, our experts recommend that they are replaced immediately. This will allow the garage door to work safely and quietly.

Take safety measures

It's best to take measures to ensure safety rather than be sorry later. Make sure the garage door is always maintained on time and thoroughly. Check the reverse system at least once a month. Replace the garage door springs before they get too old. Avoid standing under the door and always disconnect the opener when you want to check parts.

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