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What Happens When You Unplug Your Garage Door Opener

03/27/2014 Back To Blog

Your garage door opener needs a power supply to function; so many homeowners are concerned about what happens when it is unplugged. Door openers tend to have some form of battery back-up to maintain function in the event of short term power loss, but what happens after that? Garage door repair Co Camarillo explains:What Happens When You Unplug Your Garage Door Opener


Resetting of remotes:

Your remote controls contain data which help it to control the various garage door parts which allow the opener to function. If there is a total power loss and no power left in the battery back-up, this data is lost. These settings will no longer be held in the memory of the system but this is not a huge problem. In these cases, all that happens is the setting will revert back to the original installation data. This will require you to resynchronize all fobs and remotes to the new data. However, this can become extremely inconvenient if it happens repeatedly.


Battery Back-ups

Many systems have an inbuilt battery back-up but the degree of power available depends on your particular system. If you are experiencing frequent problems, then it may be worth investigating the type of battery in your system to see if it can be upgraded.


Benefits of Unplugging:

There are some benefits to unplugging your opener if you are experiencing problems opening your garage doors. If this is not due to a physical problem with an actual door component, the system may benefit from being reset to original factory settings. However, some more sophisticated systems actually have a reset button, which allows this without needing to deprive the system of power.

Generally unplugging the unit can be an inconvenience and should be avoided. Always ensure family members are aware of which outlet should not be touched and try to maintain power at all times. This will maintain the battery back-up to ensure it is in place in the event of a black out.

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